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captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: more unemployment and drastically fewer jobs created. space shuttle leaves earth for the time time. what is next for the u.s. space program? what did attorney genre rick holder know about operation fast and furious? live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. not even the most acatch lished spin doctors could do much with today's june jobs report. the numbers a anemic 18,000 net jobs created. up tick to 9.2% unemployment rate. 16.2% under employment rate. we have fox team coverage. james rosen tells us what it means for debt negotiations, peter barnes has analysis of market and business perspective but we begin with the senior white house foreign
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affairs correspondent wendell goler on the president's reaction. >> reporter: good evening. not only were the job figures for june dismal, figures for april and may were adjusted downward by 44,000. a big disappointment for president obama and it came just two days after he a mitted doing a poor job of preparing the country for how long it's taking to climb out of the recession. in a rose garden appearance he hoped to have better news for, the president says it shows importance of the debt and deficit talks that they're focused on. >> as soon as the markets know that if debt limit ceiling will have been raised and that we have a serious plan to deal with our debt and deficit, the sooner that we give our businesses the certainty that they will need. >> reporter: republicans say the slow job growth shows why we can't raise taxes to lower the deficit. and they attack mr. obama economic policies more broadly. >> the president tells us he inherited a bad situation. i concede the point, but he
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has made it worse. >> reporter: democrats returned the criticism. >> it's day 185 of the republican majority in the congress and we still have not seen one jobs bill come to the floor. >> bret: each side seems either a different prescription for job growth or reason to block the things they have in common. with a million construction workers idled by the slump in the housing market and nation roads and bridges showing their age, president obama sees a opportunity. >> we connect the two by investing in rebuilding our roads and our bridges and railway and our infrastructure. >> reporter: but that is too much like stimulus spending republicans say failed to deliver what he promised. >> i'm sure the american people are still asking the question where are the jobs? >> reporter: it's also spending they say we can no longer afford. free trade agreements with south korea, panama and colombia are ready for congress to approve. >> it will help businesses sell more american-made goods and services to asia and south america. supporting thousands of jobs
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here at home. >> reporter: but republicans are refusing to attach a measure to retrain miles per hours whose jobs are shipped overseas may not have the votes to pass on its own. the 9.2% unemployment rate would have been worse but a quarter million people stopped looking for jobs and they weren't counted. the unemployment rate has been above 8% for 29 straight months. that is the longest stretch sense the great depression. >> bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. wall street did not take the jobs news well. the dow as you see dropped 62-1/3. s&p 500 gave back 9-1/2. nasdaq finished 13 behind. get more on the market reaction and a look ahead from fox business network correspondent peter barnes. good evening. >> good evening. the major indexs rebounded at the end of the day after declines of 1% this moshing. the jobs report was the second weak one in a row. the president and some private economists continue to blame recent economic shocks like higher oil and gas prices and
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debt crisis in europe. business groups say getting the cernty from a budget deal that the president talked about today in the rose garden could help kick start job creation. a deal would let companies know for example what corporate tax rates or payroll taxes will be to firm up the hiring plans. >> a deal to increase the debt limit would be a big plus for certainty. then we will see things turn around. once we get good month of job gain, consumers will be confident and open their pockets more and it will lead to the stronger job growth and we'll get in the positive self-reinforceing cycle. but we're not there yet. >> for the possible additional economic stimulus, the president called op congress to extent the current 2% payroll tax cut to 2012. that would keep more than $100 billion in workers' pockets next year. bret? >> bret: what is the outlook for job creation in the short-term?
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>> unclear without the resolution to the budget questions here. more stimulus. but there were troubling numbers inside the jobs report today that suggest continued weak job creation. for example, increases in worker overtime usually come before companies add more workers. but overtime was flat in june. and has been flat for months now. companys often hire temporary workers before they make positions permanent and hire full-time workers. the temp agencies cut 12,000 position last month. finally wages are flat. which suggest weak consumer spending ahead, which means the weaker sales for companies and less hiring. >> bret: okay, peter. thank you. now the political fall-out of the jobs report. chief political correspondent carl cameron reports on the reaction from some of the folks who want to take the president's job next year. >> reporter: the 2012 republican white house hopefuls blame june 9.2 unemployment rate squarely op president obama. republican presidential front-runner mitt romney
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slammed the obama administration as out of touch. noting the president's top political advisor this week who suggested that voters don't much care about unemployment numbers. if david plouffe were working for me, i'd fire him and then he could experience firsthand the pain of unemployment. with their cavalier attitude about the economy, the white house turned the audacity of hope to audacity of indifference. the president in twitter town hall asked by boehner where are the jobs? >> obviously, speaker of the house, is a republican and so, this is a slightly skewed question. >> despite first trying to shrug off the question as unfair or partisan, the president then says he agrees with boehner that the nation has not seen fast enough job growth relative to need. white house spokesman jay carney tried to explain how voters can worry about jobs but not up employment rates. >> they do not sit around
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amizing the "wall street journal" or bloomberg. to look at the, amize the numbers. that is the point david plouffe was making. and the president was making. >> reporter: tim pawlenty said saying people don't care about statistics as dangerously detached. >> they are important because they're a measure of how the economy is performing, not just matter of statistics but how it affects people across iowa and america. >> longshot candidate thaddeus mccotter had a two-fer that bashed mitt romney and president obama. "to mr. obama and mr. romney big bail-out of the banks this is economic statistic. to main street this is real suffering. " minnesota congressman michele bachmann called june's slowest job growth in a year economic freefall blaming the "administration's threat of higher taxes, massive government spending and overregulation." the president's budget for
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last year predicted that the jobless rate would be 7.1% right now. it's hard to imagine that voters won't care and/or feel the difference of the actual rate offed 9.2. >> bret: good point. more on the pawlenty campaign in iowa later. thank you. not a single politician from the president on down failed to draw a connection between today's dismal jobs report and the ongoing negotiations to raise the debt limit. as the chief washington correspondent james rosen reports the day's most critical par ganning appeared to take place not across party lines but within the president's open party. >> i got to make every minute count between now and 6:00 p.m. op sunday. >> reporter: that urgency on the part of house minority leader nancy pelosi owed not only to the rare weekend session that the lawmakers will hold with president obama at the white house, but also to the growing sense that house democrats are left at the station by their awe tensible ally in the white house. >> bret: we have to reign in the deficit and get the government to live within the means. while still making the
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ininvestment that help put people to work right now. make us more competitive in the future. >> to reach the desired state before they exceed $14 trillion on or about august 2, the white house acquiesce in g.o.p. proposal to cut future benefit from social security and medicare. changes to entitlement programs that pelosi, democratic lawmakers told fox news privately warned the president this morning not to embrace. >> tension wires go up when you talk about making changes unless you can justify what the purpose of it is. >> the obama white house embarked on a course was clear friday that the house democrats bone up on the chain cpi. a complex bit of arithmetic that economists use to calculate cost born by consumers. using it for social security recipient instead of the index now used would reduce the program by $112 billion and jep rate revenue. the rank and file democrats weren't buying it. >> cps a fancy word for saying
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we're going to cut your benefits. >> some democrats refuse to believe the white house would entertain such changes. >> i don't think so. i don't think the president intend it either. >> republicans who face their open internal divisions over what revenue jep rating ideas they -- generating ads think can swallow showed very little confidence it will be a breakthrough. >> we have to have a bill to pass through house and senate. this is a rubix cube we haven't worked out yet. >> that lawmakers are feeling the pressure of crunchtime on the debate evidenced by an announcement from house majority leader cantor said they would remain in session through july 18. >> bret: james rosep on the hill. thank you. house passed $649 billion defense spending bill. it boosts the pentagon budget by $17 billion. the vote came after the lawmakers rejected an amendment that would have stopped funds for the u.s. operation against libya. we will refresh some memories.
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some people's priest statements about raising the debt ceiling. that is later in the grapevine. up next, the space shuttle flies in to the history books. [ male announcer ] at nissan, we test the altima's durability on a track that simulates the world's toughest roads. ♪ [ tires screeching ] ♪ if it can survive this drive... ♪ it can survive yours. the nissan altima. innovation that lasts. innovation for all. ♪
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>> bret: 42 years ago this month, man first walked on the moon. this morning, america's final scheduled manned space flight began. the shuttle atlantis lifted after on the last of the
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program's 135 mission. steve harrigan watched it go up. good evening. >> this space launch was not supposed to happen today according to the nasa officials due to typical florida weather. lightning storms, heavy rain and heavy cloud cover. but they waited for the cloud cover to open up. in the words of the commanderrer on board that ship, we're going to light this cappeddal one more time. after refueling the rocket with liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, strappin strappin the four astronauts that is what happened. the mission is to supply the international space station with a year's worth of supplies. also to carry out experiments in science to make sure they know how to refuel spacecraft using robots. as far as the crowd goes, several hundred thousand spectators came here to view for the last time the space shuttle take-off and hear the roar of the rocket. orbiter approached 75 miles per hour. the future is uncertain but
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four u.s. astronauts will continue to go to the staying station each year. but with no shuttle they will travel on the russian vehicle at price tag of $50 million a trip. back to you. >> bret: steve, thank you. more than 25,000 jobs will be lost because of the shuttle program demise. directly from nasa and indirectly from other places. many people are asking what does the future hold for americaned manned space flight? doug mckelway looks at the prospect. >> reporter: with 5 million visitors a year, the washington air and space museum is a testament to the past glory of nasa, but not the future. now with the loss of the shuttle job, future without manned u.s. space jobs for the first time in history. >> we don't have a question for the question -- no answer for the question of what happens to nasa? we have no answer. as we transition to space exploration, the aerospace workers are left with questions about their future. >> that dim assessment contrasts what the
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administration upbeat commitment to nasa and landing a man on mars. >> let's think about what is the next horizon? what is the next frontier out there? but to do that, we need technological breakthroughs we don't have yet. >> the administration is pinning hope on the private sector. for low orbit missions. virgin galactic and space-x have promise there. nasa focuses on deep space exploration. some are skeptical of the plan and the budget. >> if the lord had meant to us fly in space the way they do in the movies we would have been born with more money. >> in a bitter-sweet irony, with atlantis returns only russia, a country president kennedy wanted to defeat in the space race will be cable of launching miles per hours to space. >> americans are a pioneering people. the piloted space program is about the american myth and without the space flight, the country would be impoverished and we'd have to re-examine what it's like to be american.
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>> if they lack a long-term financial commitment to nasa, so does congress and the field of the presidential candidates. none of them wants to increase funding for any endeavor in the current climb of budget cutting. doug mckelway, fox news. >> bret: police in florida say there could be more victim of a former tsa screener charged with stealing from passenger baggage. nelson santiago was arrested monday. airline employee saw him steal an ipad in a fort lauderdale airport. they say he admitted to stealing electronics and posting and selling them online. british police today arrested the former advisor to cameron in newspaper scandal. and the news of the world is a publication opened by the parent company of this network and says sunday's deition will be the last.
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still ahead the navy feels the effect of the jobs crunch. first, still trying to find out who knew what when about operation fast and furious?
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>> bret: we have an jut date on the federal law enforcement program known as operation fast and furious that put guns in the hands of criminals. correspondent william la jeunesse report on what we know about what the higher-ups say they knew. >> it's not acceptable. >> that was eric holder in march three weeks after fox news said gun found at murder seen of a border patrol agent was sold to agency he supervised, the a.t.f. >> when did you know about the program called fast and
6:22 pm
furious? >> not sure of the fact date but i heard about the fast and furious for the first time in last few weeks. >> holder claimed he didn't know about fast and furious, though - atf's sensitive operation. >> the sides of the operation was so huge, so tremendous. it's impossible to do things in a bureaucracy without orders from the top down. >> mike vapider built communicates with a host of agents daily on the web site. he told them operation castaway out of the tampa office sold guns to criminals. in this case, 1,000 to buyers to ms-13. the guns to honduras. >> people don't decide one day in phoenix and then the next day in tampa or following day in houston that well, we will make up the policy. >> in houston, they told the gup store to sell the
6:23 pm
criminals against the owner better judgment. >> they did this for months and months. went through with the sales because atf told them to go through the sales. >> cross the boundary appears to date bock to the justice department that says seizing the firearm, through intradiction will not stop trafficking to mexico. some in washington want a prosecutor and others say congress isn't getting a straight answer. >> either they were ignorant or they were lying to us. >> congress gave atf $21 million in 2009 including $10 million in stimulus mup for project gun runner. the predecessor of fast and furious. a year later it got $37 million more to expand gun runner but nowhere in the budget do you see the words "fast and furious." in los angeles, william la jeunesse, fox news. >> bret: we will continue to follow the story. checking overseas headlines, hundreds of thousands of
6:24 pm
syrians carrying to liver branchs today. the city has become a flash point in the protest against bashar assad's regime. there were protests in other cities as well. activists say 13 people were killed. libyan leader muammar gaddafi threatped to send martyrs to europe to punish it for nato's campaign against him. gaddafi made the comment in a audio message played on libyan tv. thousands of libyans rallied in support in tripoli today. rebels came under fire along the front line near misurata. ♪ ♪ >> bret: back at home, tim pawlenty is fighting for traction in the 2012 presidential race. correspondent steve brown reports on the possible reasons why so far he hasn't received much. >> get the government off my back. >> bret: republican candidate tim pawlenty gets it.
6:25 pm
>> we are an underdog in this race. they have us at six or seventh place. >> some national media suggest pawlenty may be the first out, doomed in the g.o.p. nomination race if he doesn't fair well at the iowa straw poll, a contest of the organizational strength for the second saturday in august. >> he has to do well. there is a certain mark you have to hit. >> this week, sarah huckabee sanders daughter of fox news host mike huckabee started working in iowa for pawlenty. after serving as political director for her father's 2008 presidential bid that finished second in the straw poll and won the iowa caucuses, she notes. >> my dad was polling lower than this, at this time last year and had less money. smaller organization and managed to do extremely well. >> i'm calling with governor tim pawlenty's campaign for president. >> it's the deepest and largest campaign in the slate, slated an aggressive july cam pape schedule. >> candidate going so far to
6:26 pm
tell "des moines register "yesterday this week is the first time i cam paped in earnest in iowa. ignoring about 50 priest iowa stops pawlenty made, going back to 2009 there are questions about the cam pape style. >> comparing tim pawlenty to the other candidates, he isn't the most exciting. >> supporter yesterday urged him to change his campaign demeanor and he explained. >> you can be nice and strong. you don't have to be a jerk to be strong. >> that is the lesson of the style i have. >> it may be no more mr. nice guy. in cedar rapids this an, he had this to say of the current president. he's like a manure spreader. it stinks, flying all over the administration and not pretty. a change of tone for candidate under the gun. >> perhaps. steve. thank you. shoe is on the other foot in debt ceiling talks. we'll, plain next in
6:27 pm
grapevine. if you think the fourth of july pictures are too good to be true, you're right. blank
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and now, fresh pickings from the political grapevine. democrats were whistling a different tune five years ago. at least some of them were when the republican administration wanted to raise the debt ceiling. then senator obama voted no and said, "washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today on to the backs of our children and grand chirp." he since said that was a political consideration back then. the conservative blog news busters points out in november of 2004 after the debt ceiling was raised by the g.o.p. nbc correspondent andrea mitchell chided republicans saying, "they ought to be ashamed of themselves." earlier this week, chris matthews of nbc called republican opposition to tax increases in a debt ceiling
6:31 pm
deal terrorism. mitchell called the situation a crisis. billionaire koch brothers are frequent targets on the left for support of the causes. but one executive was shocked when he received fundraising appeal from the democratic senatorial cam pape committee -- campaign committee chairman. she even left a voice mail slitting support from koch industries. >> you have been a past supporters of ours through your pac and i want to catch up to you to see if you would be willing to renew the membership. >> bret: the koch executive responded writing dscc politics have become sosy any call that you expect -- cynical that you expect people who you routinely denounce to give them money. >> they wrote back saying it was a result of a staff error but adding the bigger troubling mistake is the long
6:32 pm
political history of your employer. boston fourth of july fireworks on cbs were a bit too good to be true. "globe" reports that viewers later realized the shots of fireworks exploding behind the statehouse, quincy market and especially ifway park were not physically possible. the show's producer confirmed some of the footage was digitally altered and superimposed over land marks but said it was okay, because the broadcast was entertainment, not news. our top story at the bottom of the hour, the economy created the net of just 18,000 jobs in june. the jobless rate rose to 9.2%. up employment topped 8% for 29 straight months now. that is the longest streak since the great depression. even the military is feeling the effects. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports that the armed services are cutting jobs. >> just four years ago at the
6:33 pm
hight of the fighting in iraq, the military services were having a hard time meeting their recruiting goals there was talk of the army breaking and the nation not having enough fighters to conduct the wars. now, as a sign of the times with jobless rates at record highs, more sailors are in the military, forcing the navy for the first time ever to fire petty officers. in august, the navy will convene a board to review cases of 16,000 sailors and limbnate 3,000 positions. 1% of the force. >> there is no retirement and no severance for them. >> congressman mike kauffman is on the house armed services committee and serves in the marine corps! this is unusual to this degree. there are times we have had the economic down tups where certainly retension has gone up. pew it has never gone up to this level. >> the air force retension rates are also up. six-year high. causing it to convene a similar reduction in force or
6:34 pm
risk reward. the air force will review the records of more than 9,000 officers, mostly majors. about 400 will be let go. >> the kingest way to reduce the budget for the military is to cut people. because they can be pulled out of the ranks immediately. the savings are immediate. >> retention rate for sailors with one to six years of service rose 10% from 2005 to 2010. the navy is overstaffed in 31 different job categories. debt engine mechanic, avionic technician, electricians and others. >> as the troops return from afghanistan and iraq and as the pressure mounts on the defense budget, we're going to see similar consequences for ground services. >> in october, the army will begin a 22,000-person drawdown, so more draw seekers will enter the labor market and more exmilitary may face unemployment. at the pentagon, jennifer grippe, fogriffin, fox news.
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>> bret: a horrific story from articling top texas. father who took his son to baseball game in hopes to catch a ball fell to the death thursday night. 39-year-old firefighter shannon stone went after a ball tossed by the fielder hamilton. he fell over the railing and ploppinged 20 feet to concrete. he's the second fan to die in a fall at a major league ballpark this season. we will talk about disappointing jobs report. numbers, the reak and the politicians. the fox all-stars join me after a short break. do you know how you will react when someone changes lanes without warning? or when you're distracted? when you're falling aeep at the wheel? do you know how you'll react? lexus can now precisely test the most unpredictable variable in a car -- the driver. when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer the world's most advanced driving simulator.
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i got an egg [pop] i got gum a kazoo a candy necklace for forty cents, i got one of these [pop] a stamp helium fabric softener [pop] lipstick two pills a day is what it takes to stay alive if you're hiv positive. those pills cost about forty cents a day. the economy, a tough head wind from the natural disaster, to the spikes in gas prices. the state and local budget cults, the problem in greece, in europe, along with uncernty over whether the debt limit here in the united states will be raised has also made
6:39 pm
businesses hesitant to invest aggressively. >> the excessive spend, government regulation and the overwhelming debt continue to hold back a job creators around our country. tax hikes op families and job create torse would only make it worse. >> bret: many analysts had different take on the jobs report. out for june. kick up the jobless rate to 9.2% there is the last four months. most analysts called it one word. horrible. as you look at the tracking jobs in june, only 18,000 jobs created. the jobs figures were dismal but figures for april and may were adjusted downward to 44,000 in the new report. what does it mean? policy? and what does it mean politically? jonah goldburg, from national review online. kirsten powers and charles
6:40 pm
krauthammer. jonah? >> it's abysmal news. the headlines leaves out a lot of stuff. the quarter of a million people that left the workforce. every poll you see in advance of the numbers and it's frightening. i don't know that there is anything other than, to say other than it's bad news. when obama said that the economy faced tough head winds, hurricanes, plagues, first born children and all of that stuff, the key that he left out was his administration. that seems to have been a serious head wind for this economy. >> bret: when you heard the administration talking about it, it looked like they were trying to find their leg option the issue. austan goolsbee said today he saw it as a call to action. what that action was we didn't hear. what did you think of how they dealt with the numbers? >> first, people were surprised by them.
6:41 pm
people weren't anticipating this. they expected them to stay more flat. so they were caught flat-footed. i think what they are trying to do is say we need stimulus. that would be what they are saying in terms of the call to action of what we need to do. >> bret: that has political possibilities of what percentage, snarl >> the best action that americans can take is vote this administration out. but look, on the numbers, the worst thing is chronic unemployment. about a third of the unemployed, have been unemployed for almost a year. half unemployed for six months. historically unprecedented. i agree with jonah where the president blames on europe, greece, natural disasters. these are not -- the reason that the economy stalled is
6:42 pm
not act of god. it's act after government, his government. earning report season starts next week. the estimate is it will show increase in profit year over year of 15%. for private corporation. all the money is on the sideline. the reason is the act of government. overregulation. financial regulation. bpa and now the national labor relations board. the uncertainty over obama care and taxes. that is why all the money is on the sideline. that is why corporate profits are good and no one is hiring. >> bret: the politics, the republicans jumped on this. senior political advisor to the president david plouffe saying this in an interview. the average american does not view the economy through the prism of gdp, gross domestic product or unemployment rates or monthly jobs numbers. people won't vote based on the unemployment rate. they will vote on how do i feel about my open situation. the white house press
6:43 pm
secretary was asked about this today. >> they do not sit down anlizedding the "wall street journal," or the other, or bloomberg to analyze numbers. maybe some folks do, but not most americans. that is the point david plouffe was making and the point that the president was making moments ago in the state in the the rose garden. >> bret: is this tough for the administration? republicans jumping all over this. >> i think the most charitable argument of the plouffe comment is there were a lot of problems and we can have the bad numbers but if people feel good about the economy it will be okay for us politically. that is what charitable interpretation and i think it's a nonstarter political expression. the fact is people don't feel good about the economy.
6:44 pm
the polls show that. we saw it in the bush presidency, the recession ended early and bush was destroyed. the sentment didn't get out there until later. right now, 75% of americans according to a mar rist poll think it's early session. 80% of americans under $50,000 a year think we're still in a recession. not a lot of time to change that sentment. >> bret: there is sense that some family member knows someone who is affected in some way by employment situation. >> part of the problem with what he said there were headlines saying people won't be focused on the unemployment. he was speaking specifically to our people poring over unemployment. that's what he is trying to say. with how are people feeling he is right. how are the people feeling? they're feeling bad. that is the problem. unless unemployment goes down
6:45 pm
and people get more jobs they won't feel better. >> bret: historically no one has been elected with unemployment rate over 8% since 1982. it could be a different year but the most generous of economists say it won't get below 8 president by election time. >> i'm -- below 8% by election time. >> in the end i'm not sure it's the number but the trajectory. if the numbers were happening next year, he'd be locked. if next year the number are high, hovering around 8%, but on the way down. people have a sense of improvement of lightening up it would be okay. i'm not sure it's absolute number but which way the numbers are headed. interpretation of charitable, more charitable than he is to what was said about the absolute numbers and how people react. the way i heard it is the
6:46 pm
klngers don't reap. this is con decision. numbers are with we hear in the white house, we in the political class observe, talk about and read abstract. all that ordinary people care about is what is happening in their home. obvious everybody caris what about is -- of course they care about what is happening in their home but they read. >> bret: up next, the friday lightning round including operation fast and furious.
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6:49 pm
with do have an oddity in that the attorney general knew or should have known long before he says he did. the point that grassley is sending letters before he says
6:50 pm
he's aware of the program. >> bret: congressman darrell issa on our program talking about operation fast and furious and who knew what when on the justice department. every week the viewers vote in our friday lightning round. this week, fast and furious wop with 57% of the vote. we're back. this put gun in hands of criminals. we heard the overall project, gun runner was funded with $50 million. $10 million came from the stimulus package. there is another program to get guns from tampa to honduras, violent gasolines ms-13 there. it seems to be expanding and we don't know where it's headed. >> if the economy wasn't overriding concern this has the making of a classic summer scandal. hearings who knew what when and the rest.
6:51 pm
a huge mess-up. but let me add something that's not been put in the cocommentary, mexico is complaining it's violation of the sovereignty. the program is outrage. a right to be mad of that. but mexican have been violating the policy with illegal immigration for decades and they encourage it. somehow we're supposed to bend over backwards to apologize on the merit of the program and drop the sovereignty clause. >> bret: do you think it goes to attorney general directly? >> there has been an investigation by the inspector general in to it. difference between operation gun runner and fast and furious. the money that went to operation gun runner. no money went to fast and furious. it was something that the white house didn't know about. >> bret: we don't know that yet. >> that is what the white house felt. there is an investigation. they want to get to the bottom of this. michaeit's going back to 2010.
6:52 pm
>> bret: the attorney general testified in front of his committee he didn't know about the program until a couple of weeks before march of this year. >> issa says he was given highly specific information in april of 2010 briefing members of the staff. this is in the "washington post" june 21. so he should probably address that, because he seems to have known about it. >> bret: okay. but what the administration knew, he is doing investigation. >> but the administration is doing an administration. the attorney general is doing -- the i.g. should do investigation. the white house didn't know about it. the president said that. >> you buy that? >> i totally buy it, unless there is some other information coming forward. >> bret: atf operated op their open to put the guns in hands of criminals. >> it started with the atf in arizona and had cooperation as i understand it of the justice department.
6:53 pm
>> with the atf sending guns to honduras? how do you have program not linked by an overriding authority? >> not everything is a conspiracy. i think specifically to this one, the white house says they didn't know about it and they're doing an investigation into it. >> bret: charles, the acting atf director shows p for testimony and he brings his own perm attorney -- personal attorney, things are changing. >> if you're in the administration, it's not a good sign. he was chosen as the sacrificial lamb and he is not going quietly. he is looking out for himself. he has been abandoned by the administration. protect himself, he will talk. i'm not sure it's a summer scandal. it's an autumn scandal as well. in the end, if it's not issa it's eric holder. what did he know and when did he know it? >> space shuttle last launch today. take a listen.
6:54 pm
>> the final liftoff of it left on the shoulders of the space shuttle. america will continue the dream. >> roger home, lieutenant. >> interesting watch. always exhilarating. what about the future of the space program? >> the manned space program is dead. the administration allowed it. the problem isn't the end of the shuttle, it was never a good idea. ended whoever in the administration. the problem is that obama canceled the follow-on no way america will get in space. right now we have to hitch a ride, respect a ride on the russian system. incredibly irony. we left them in the dust for the moon race and now we're supplement. russians with a monopoly are tripling the price of what we'll pay. >> bret: quickly, jonah, end of an era? >> end of an era. tragedy is nas is a badly run agency. space shuttle was a bad idea.
6:55 pm
i agree in constant dollars. we spend enough to send someone to mars and we spend more than we took, we did to send people to moon. only last hope is with the organization like space-x to do private space exploration. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tupeed for a local story that caught our -- stay tuned for local story that caught our eye. [ man ] they said i couldn't win a fight.
6:56 pm
but i did. they said i couldn't fight above my weight class. but i did. they said i couldn't get elected to congress. but i did. ♪ smetimes when we touch ha ha! millions of hits! [ male announc ] flick, stack, and move between active apps seamlessly. only on the new hp touchpad with webos.
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6:58 pm
finally tonight, sometimes local news stories end up here and the kicker they are either hard to believe or goofy or both. this is not a spoof. it as real local news piece. >> police and glier my name is brandon. some kid in a banana costume just tackled my mascot. >> there is a banana at large? strongsville. >> it the mascot okay. >> the kid came up and speared
6:59 pm
him. >> brandon is the manager of the wireless center on pearl road. he witnessed their mascot, a gore ril will getting jumped. >> a kid emerged out of the bushes out of no where in a banana costume and started sprinting as quickly as he possibly could at our gorilla. >> certainry an un- apeeling attack on th ape. >> he was a banana. >> okay. a few points. why does a cell phone have a gorilla for a mascot. we edited out the monkey and banana puns by the reporter and to our knowledge the offending banana is still at large. thanks for inviting us into your home. tune in to fox news sunday. i'm sitting in for chris wallace. and we will get insight into the debt neglec negotiations fh

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